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Blink arrow is broken ATM when used while moving. Cooldown activated but nothing happens. Animation canceling issue after patch?

Jun 11, 2019 19:14:01 PM

Note: This is a similar post I just made on the Mirror Arrow feedback as they have the same following issue.

I have had a ton of fun playing with Mirror and Blink Arrow in the past. However, about 2 or 3 leagues ago, the targeting of the arrow (not the minion) seemed to change. I began having huge issues when trying to fire either skill near a wall or an object.

The arrow seems to have trouble finding a landing spot and thus fails to fire at all (note that it does not consume the cooldown either, which at least helps a bit). But the skill has become really clunky as a result, making any tight map or maps with lots of clutter very slow and clunky to play as you have to try a few different landing spots with each arrow.

I am playing on lockstep, so this issue is separate from the predictive mode that is being fixed in the next patch. I was hoping the improvements to pathfinding in 3.7 would solve the issue, but it has not.

As a potential solution, can the arrow search for a nearby, valid location to land? I think it would be more than acceptable to have a skill that has a higher chance of actually going through than landing exactly on your cursor.

Jul 11, 2019 14:20:14 PM
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