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Also charges effect the clone. If the clone spawns with frenzy charges the
attack speed drops when the charges expire.

This is a great skill, if for nothing more than the survivability it offers, especially
against bosses.

I just wish there was more info on skill interaction on the wiki?

Jan 07, 2015 15:19:11 PM

Is there any way to obtain information about the minion's damage?
Do they have :

- no base damage other than equipped bow
- some base damage added with equipped bow
- some other kind of formula ?

Does atkspeed really not modify a thing? Haven't tested a lot yet, but it seems to me flesh offering is speeding them up, though it could be just an impression.


I did some testing on the ES for the clones. It does get whatever ES you have. I happen put on all ES gear to give them a large chuck of ES and you could see the hits taking away from their ES. Also if you have no ES at the time when you spawn them they also spawn with no ES.

Isn't this just due to it spawning with the same life % you"re at ?
For instance if the minion has 1000 life and you are 400life+1600 ES, minion will spawn with equivalent %ages but still its own life total, in this case 200life+800 ES (=1000 total life, but same proportion of your own life/es). It would make sense that life and ES would both be counted in that way into minion total life so you could use it with CI/lowlife builds.

Jan 10, 2015 14:16:31 PM

The minion has its own HP count. You can see it on the tool tip.

Jan 10, 2015 23:51:41 PM

What is more precisely a clone?
Is it the exact copy of my character or just a copy of life, armor, eva, att. speed,...
I mean, are the point in the passive skill tree allocated only to me or did the clone got them too?
For exemple, if i take Point blank, does the clone got it too?

Thx for an answer ;)

Jan 21, 2015 14:28:42 PM

New verdant MTX looks really cool! It exceeded my expectations.


Feb 04, 2015 11:56:59 AM

The clones are spawn with all visualy effects, all equipment and so on, because if they would not, they would suck in PvP.

They are, mostly intendet to disract, so when they would spawn with no aura effects, no curses on them, or always at max hp, they could be to easy to tell apart from the actualy player in PvP.

These minions using ONLY your quiver and bow. No, they dont get any bonuses from your passive tree (besides mionion relatet things), no they dont get any of your life/ES/Armor (besides it is on your Quiver or bow). There is no "maybe" or "But it looks like"...

------>Just. Quiver. and. Bow.<----------

Feb 06, 2015 08:27:54 AM

Well this skill (and MA) are quite strange.

There are other things that can influence it than quiver+bow and the linked gems. For example shrines.
Some are hard some easy to test. For example ice-nova, shock-nova shrines and so on have no effect. No visual played and no effects showing up.
But now theres for example the hexing shrine. That on the other hand works, and all clones inflict random curses on hit.

Sadly some effects are hard to test, and the low lifespan of the clones doesn't make it any easier to do so.

Feb 08, 2015 12:30:41 PM

So does the "increased minion damage" support gem work with blink and mirror or not.

I couldn't tell a difference through testing, and it makes no difference to the skill tooltip.

EDIT: after further careful testing i have concluded that minion damage DOES work on the clones. Just doesn't show up on the tooltip, as someone else already mentioned (ggg plz fix k thx).

Feb 08, 2015 22:14:28 PM

First of all, I really love the idea of the skill! Reminds me of the old Dungeons & Dragons "Shadow Conjuration" in a good way.

But after the last patch destroyed one of the skills main benefits (that I think was not comparable to some other imba skillsets like coc-discharge) please adjust the core effects to match the aspects of the general gameplay.

My suggestion:

Please consider making this skill a ground targeted projectile attack like tornado shot.


Simply the gameplay. In it's core effect as a single summon the skill is of no use later on. But even with the trap-setup, to counter that, it's of too sparse use.
Especially in groups enemies die that fast, that the whole process of trap throwing, trap arming, enemy triggering and finally the timespan the summon can have an effect simply takes way to long to compete in any way.
Allowing LMP/GMP would at least give the player access to the skills benefit emediately.

To counter too much clones, (as damage boni of traps do not influence minions already, trap could be simply disallowed for them) there could be a clone-limit increasing with gem lvl, or maybee even woven in some passives. Or a new mechanic "destroys all blink/mirror clones on use", so u can only have the number created with a single skilluse.

Please consider doing s.t., the low activity in these topics here is speaking foritself.

Feb 28, 2015 14:14:34 PM

i only use it on my archer to travel over obstacles and terrain like water. for that it gets the job done. haven't used it for anything else.

edit 2015-09-19: rating 4/5. would be 5/5 if the duration of the doppelganger wasn't only 3 seconds.

edit: 2015-12-05: rating 3/5. the cooldown can be annoying. i want to use the skill and it's cooling down.

Jul 15, 2015 21:10:16 PM
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