Welcome to respoe.xyz

We mainly focus on gathering data about Path of Exile from their public stash API or from the forums

Currently we provide several services, all of our services are free to use and run without ads.

Mobile-friendly forums

Fast, free and mobile-friendly recreation of the Path of Exile forums

Builds browser

Search for builds (gathered from the forums) using a fast and easy to use tag system

Currency overview

View how each league currency is going, you can also view extended data to see how the price of certain orbs change over time

You can also check old leagues data. We started gathering data around incursion league

Hardcore deaths

View latest hardcore deaths for the current running leagues

You can also search any account to view the deaths of that account inside the current Hardcore leagues

Hardcore deaths stats

View stats for the current running hardcore leagues

You can also search for certain hardcore leagues to visit already finished leagues

How does it work

We mainly work crawling the Path of Exile websites (such as trade site, forums and profiles) using this library. We gather all this data periodically and we save the relevant information into our BIG database

Everything is done on the background so you wont notice when we are gathering data or when we are not. This means all services should always work fast and without delays

Supporting the site

All the stuff we provide is free to use, free to do whatever you want with it. If you would like to support the site you can donate using PayPal. The site will always be free of ads, donating is not needed to maintain the site either, this is mainly a hobby we enjoy working on